After launching her brand 16 years ago, Teuta quickly gained recognition in Kosovo and, with the help of social media, soon became popular on an international level. Her clients are now spread around the globe, from Southern Europe to Asia and the Americas. Teuta has also held runway shows in Dubai and New York City. Today, she frequently collaborates with her sister, Lirika Matoshi, and is always working on her next stunning gown.
The art of craftsmanship is a fundamental aspect of Teuta Matoshi's brand, where great care is taken to ensure that each gown is handcrafted to perfection. This entails the use of skilled artisans who employ traditional techniques to meticulously design and construct each piece. The attention to detail ensures that each gown is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
The handcrafted nature of the gowns also implies a significant investment of time and effort. The artisans take the time to carefully select the finest fabrics and materials, and pay meticulous attention to every detail, from the cut of the fabric to the placement of each embellishment. This results in gowns that are not just visually stunning but also of exceptional quality and durability. Furthermore, the handcrafted technique allows for a personalized touch and customization of the gowns, where the artisans can work closely with the clients to create a gown that is perfectly suited to their specific needs, preferences, and body shape.

Teuta Matoshi is dedicated to empowering women in her community through providing employment opportunities, particularly for those who face high unemployment rates. She hires women as tailors, providing them with the skills and training necessary to excel in the fashion industry. Teuta also creates opportunities for young women to work on her team, giving them the chance to learn from experienced professionals and gain valuable industry experience, allowing them to build their careers in fashion and achieve their goals.

Teuta's commitment to empowering women through employment opportunities is a reflection of her dedication to making a positive impact on her community and the fashion industry as a whole